Short Stop Distribution, Inc.

Reliable • Timely • Friendly Delivery

Short Stop Distribution, Inc. was founded by Jorge Vinha in 1999 to fill an
immediate need for bakeries: reliable, daily, delivery services.  As a member of the wholesale baking industry himself, he had found

 constant challenges associated with maintaining a fleet of trucks and a crew of drivers. Distribution headaches became a distraction from bakery sales, R & D and daily bakery operations.  Distribution was 

his biggest challenge, and finding a reliable distributor was difficult.


Short Stop Distribution, Inc. 

has become a thriving small business, specializing in delivery services for local companies, from an array industries. Our customers are no longer faced with the constant headaches caused by product delivery, vehicle breakdowns, hiring and training drivers, paying for gas, insurance, maintenance, etc.  Our commitment to provide quality delivery services is matched by our desire to connect with our customers and to make their lives easier.

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